Howdy Japanese Language School Nara

2024.2.29 EVENT

★ interviewed by Town’s public relations magazine “Sango”★

Students from Howdy Nara School were interviewed by the public relations magazine “Sango” in sango Town. Five people from Nepal, Bangladesh, and Vietnam were nervous but answered the interview and took pictures.

It was great to see how hard they tried to answer questions about the differences between Japan and their home country, the problems they faced after coming to Japan, their part-time jobs, and their dreams for the future, even though they sometimes got stuck. He plans to publish an article about multicultural societies in the near future. The students are already excited to see how it will turn out. Thank you to the sango Town Public Relations Department!


We are currently recruiting Japanese language teachers.

We are looking for individuals who can think freely without being confined to the conventional concepts of existing Japanese language schools and who are willing to join us in creating a new school together.