Howdy Japanese Language School Nara

Regarding teacher recruitment

We provide a comfortable and rewarding work environment and support the career advancement of Japanese teachers. For details, please contact us by phone or email.

  • Part-time teachers (open recruitment)
  • Full-time teachers (recruitment when new school opens and when student capacity increases)
  • Overseas work (recruitment when vacant. Negotiable)

*School tour (anytime, but reservation is to be required)

Image of a Japanese teacher sought by Howdy

  • Faculty that “creates interesting and excitement” together with students, Leimond Village staff and local residents
    Based on the mission of “creating interesting and excitement”, Howdy Japanese Language School Nara has adopted a curriculum that emphasizes “self-directed learning”. In addition, we would like not only students but also teachers to be proactively involved in the Japanese language school, “creating interesting and excitement.” together. We are looking forward to receiving applications from those who can create a new school together with free ideas that are not bound by the concept of existing Japanese language schools.
  • Teachers with a willingness to keep learning
    As a Japanese teacher, it is necessary not only to have the attitude of continuing to learn, but also to learn about all kinds of information from various fields. We are looking for people who can use their careers to provide students with learning that is not limited to Japanese.
  • Teachers with morals and manners as members of society
    It is necessary for students to live in Japan, but it is necessary for teachers who are in a position to teach it to understand it and be able to put it into practice.

Career advancement support

For those who have no experience or have a short career, full-time teachers will serve as mentors for half a year and provide one-on-one support. For future goals in the Japanese language education industry, we present a training plan and conduct interviews every six months.

Example Class support

(1) 2 weeks before class Teaching plan check
(2) 1 week before class Teaching plan feedback
(3) on the day of class Class check, Class Feedback

Other support

For part-time faculty members, the following allowances will be paid in addition to the regular hourly salary and transportation expenses (full amount).

  1. Out-of-class allowance (payment per day of class)
  2. Class support allowance (payment per day of support OJT feedback)
  3. Training support allowance (payment per day of training participation)
  4. Faculty meeting allowance (payment per day, twice a year)
  5. Homeroom teacher allowance (paid according to the number of students in the class)
  6. Allowance for preparation of regular examinations (paid for one subject prepared)
  7. Event Participation Allowance (Paid per day only if requested by the school outside of school days)

*All teaching materials will be provided.



We are currently recruiting Japanese language teachers.

We are looking for individuals who can think freely without being confined to the conventional concepts of existing Japanese language schools and who are willing to join us in creating a new school together.