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"HOWDY TIMES" is the school newspaper of Howdy Japanese Language School Nara Campus.
We provide updates on events, news, and even the daily lives of our students, please take a look.


We provide thorough support from enrollment to graduation. Here are six features of Howdy Japanese Language School Nara Campus.

FEATURE 01Full support for higher education and employment

From the time of enrollment, we conduct meetings, provide guidance for interviews, and fully instruct on how to create study plans. We hold school-based academic and job placement advisory sessions.

FEATURE 02EJU, JLPT, specific skill test support

Completely free of charge outside of class.

FEATURE 03Supporting residental card renewal

Originally, the international student himself/herself should go to the immigration office to complete the application procedures, but Howdy handles all the paperwork and applications.

FEATURE 04Life support

The school will assist with arrangements for dormitory, resident registration at the town hall, opening an account at the Japan Post bank, signing a mobile phone contract, accompanying to the hospital, part-time job referrals, and more.

FEATURE 05Exchange with various people

There is a school within the borderless community of “Social Inclusion Village”, which allows students to interact with various people and learn about an inclusive society that they may not experience in their home country.

FEATURE 06Many events to get involved in Japanese culture

We hold events every month. Howdy provides many opportunities not only to study Japanese, but also to learn about Japanese society and culture.



Getting to know about Howdy Japanese Language School Nara Campus

Introducing Howdy Japanese Language School Nara Campus, which aims to realize a symbiotic society that embraces diversity.


There are various courses available tailored to students' goals and requests. We will introduce the contents and tuition fees of these courses.

Higher Education and Employment Support

We provide tailored learning and career plans based on students' requests, supporting them from enrollment to graduation.



We provide useful information for student life, ranging from student dormitories to local attractions in the Kansai region.
You can find interviews with seniors and real-life experiences of international students, so please feel free to take a look for reference.

Student Interview

We interviewed seniors at Howdy Japanese Language School about its appeal and their future dreams.

Student’s daily schedule

We introduce the real-life experiences of students, from their daily schedules to living expenses.


3-12-6 Tatsu-no-kita, Sangocho, Ikoma-gun, Nara, 636-0821, JAPAN
TEL:0745-44-3271 FAX:0745-44-3272


Howdy is a member of the SIPs Group.

SIPs (Social Inclusion Partners) is a gathering of people and organization working to achieve social inclusion through fields such as education, childcare, and welfare. Everyone is born into this world with individuality and potential. Each person should be able to flourish and enjoy life, leading to the realization of a society where "everyone has the opportunity to enjoy life and flourish" (social inclusion). Social Inclusion Partners actively identify challenges and work to solve them through businesses that allow individuals to demonstrate their individuality and potential.


We are currently recruiting Japanese language teachers.

We are looking for individuals who can think freely without being confined to the conventional concepts of existing Japanese language schools and who are willing to join us in creating a new school together.