Howdy Japanese Language School Nara

2024.2.29 EVENT

★ Took a crime prevention and traffic safety course★

A crime prevention and traffic safety course by the Seiwa Police Department was held on January 18, and all students participated.

All students participated in the course, which covered topics such as how to call 110, nuisances, traffic rules, and fraud. The students were nervous at first, but the easy-to-understand lectures with a sense of humor gradually relaxed their nerves, and they listened intently, sometimes surprised at the differences in rules from their own countries.

It was cute to see them wearing the reflective tasuki that was distributed to them as soon as possible.


We are currently recruiting Japanese language teachers.

We are looking for individuals who can think freely without being confined to the conventional concepts of existing Japanese language schools and who are willing to join us in creating a new school together.